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Alpha Yoke Manual Calibration guide



  • - Madmaxie99



  • John H

    Just purchased and Alpha Flight controls from Microcenter in the past week.  None of the buttons on the Yoke (steering wheel) don't work; none of them.  Switch panel all work in MSFS and X-Flight.  I took it back to Microcenter and got a new one. I now have the exact same problem; none of the Yoke buttons don't work.  Did a Google search and saw this is a common problem. Today I called your phone number in San Diego and get nothing but "leave a message".   Not giving me a good felling about my purchase.  Please reach out to me to resolve.  I will leave a message at ext 113


  • John H

    Just found a link on Google that told me about the pigtail cable that needs to be connected.  Now the switches work.  1st system I received from Microcenter was mission this cable. 

    2nd system had it


  • Mi Lsonbn

    I have the ‘hub’ and a XPC and Bravo quadrant and the Quadrent isn’t seen by the xbox for control options.  I can not find a guide to program the buttons for flight do what I want with the camera, trim, mixture and so on.  Only basic flight control,  the MSFS is current with updates and I have a honeycomb HUB and the XPC is in Xbox mode.

    Any help….

  • Twaetford

    This procedure does not work for me with the XPC Alpha. The LED does not stay on to indicate calibration mode. How do I calibrate the XPC Alpha?


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